This body of work has been awarded the Hayden John James award for painting, drawing and narrative work which was presented by The Glynn Vivian Gallery Swansea, Wales. It was authenticated by Caroline Thraves, Academic Director (Art & Media) Wales Institute of Science and Art. 
The picture book Me and You, is a story about the loss and grieving for a friend but, through the lens of hope and friendship. The theme of loss isn’t obvious, rather delicately told through changes in the characters’ relationships. The story initially concentrates on the feelings of grief, but resolves itself through the characters’ emotional resilience, imagination, collaboration and the power of the other. The focus evolves into a growing understanding that the friendship, like the love between the characters, hasn’t ended. ​​​​​​​
Front Cover Latest Draft
Front Cover earlier drafts.
Developed Illustrations & Spreads. Updated as work on the storyline.
UWTSD MA Degree Show June 2022.
Alex Building, Swansea College of Art.
First draft picture book Flick through. The book is on-going so I decided to exhibit a concept book showcasing how I've developed certain elements from sketch to illustration. This was partly influenced by the exhibition's concept, of allowing the viewer to see into my process and thus connect with it more. This would allow for a deeper, more considered conversation between me, the book and the viewer. In a way I am testing the book out, getting a first impression and allowing the viewer to perhaps have a influence on how the book is finished. 
Digital version of first draft picture book. 
Sketchbook Work. On-going.

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